Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow Review

Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow Review

The Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow comes with a patented design and a performance to remember. It will work well in any situation and its downrange accuracy is its main purpose, just as it is with the R9. Looking at the ultimate experience, the new user will feel relieved that the crossbow comes assembled and pre-tuned which will have it ready for the ultimate performance. With a very compact design that finds it at the extreme of the market in terms of reduced size, the Ravin R15 Crossbow offers an experience to remember for most users. Also, check out the best crossbow peep sight.

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  • Unique design
  • Impressive downrange accuracy
  • HeilCoil technology


  • Similar to the R9


The performance of the crossbow recommends it as a top option from many points of view. First of all, it is faster than the R9 and I will recommend it if you want to push for those impressive results and that perfect accuracy. The good news is that the crossbow will come assembled and pre-tuned and you will be ready to use it in no time. The same compactness remains as with the R9. Fans of the series will know that the crossbow comes with the 6” measurement from axle to axle when drawn and this mere measurement is one of the top reasons for its impressive handling. Learn more about ravin r9 predator camo crossbow review

The crossbow features the same impressive and patented  


Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow Review
Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow Review

The design of the crossbow will recommend it in many situations and it is the combination of the lightweight design and the innovative technologies that make the crossbow such an attractive option. Being part of a series with just two models, the R9 and the R15, the crossbow will be highly attractive to the users looking for the latest technologies and up-to-date designs. This will make it one of the best solutions when it comes to top-level performance and with a speed performance above the R9, it will represent the solid option for the dedicated or the advanced user.

The Ravin R15 Predator Camo Crossbow is one of the top solutions from the manufacturer. It manages to come with an impressive speed performance in the same lightweight design of the series which saw its compactness recommend it for a large number of uses. Interestingly, the crossbow is one of the top options on the market in terms of cam innovation as well. It manages to improve the mechanism and maximizing the freedom of movement up to 340 degrees. If you are looking for a compact and accurate design and want something faster than the R9, the R15 is the right choice for you.

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