Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women – Reviews & Guides 2022

Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Women – Reviews & Guides 2021

Tennis players are in need o supportive and flexible shoes that may not slip on court grounds. Twisting and turning of the feet inside the shoe causes injuries and affect in the long term. That is why looking or the best tennis shoes for women must be among the first steps that a player or athlete takes before playing.

First Look:
#1, tennis shoes Overall – Nike Air Zoom Tennis Shoe
#2, Best tennis shoes for Budget (reasonably priced)– Diadora Original Tennis Budget Shoes
#3, Best tennis shoes for Flat Feet – Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire Tennis Shoe for Flat Feet Athletes
#4, Best tennis shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Orthofeet Tennis Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis
#5, Best tennis shoes for Wide Feet – Nike Revolution Tennis Shoe for Wide Feet
#6, Best tennis shoes for Narrow Feet – Nike’s Lite Tennis Shoes for Narrow Feet
#7, Best tennis shoes for Hard Courts – Asics Gel-Solution Tennis Shoes for Hard Courts
#8, Best tennis shoes for Grass Courts –K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoes for Grass Courts
#9, Best tennis shoes for Clay Courts – Asics Gel Solution Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Women have delicate feet and muscles but they are no less strong than men though. They need soft, wicking tennis shoes to keep their feet fresh and dry while playing or during the drill.

Some athletes and players have their own preferences but among all, some features are necessary for all players. 

For tennis shoes, you must look or a suitable pair of shoes that performs well on the various kinds of tennis courts. People also consider their foot type, their gait, their foot structure and desired level of comfort to determine the preferred shoes.
Whether you are on a budget, or you need shoes for your feet that offer special care and support, we have got you covered.
As a fact we have explored numerous options online and have carefully enlisted the top options for each and every concern, you have regarding your feet.
As you can go through these options, you can see one top option for each of the issue people may have to face. Our selection is based on real customer reviews and overall comments regarding each product. So you could be sure that you are choosing the best option.
Let’s take a look and see which one is good for you…
Nike Air Zoom Tennis Shoe
In best tennis shoes overall ranking, this pair from Nike definitely stands as one of the most preferred ones. This AA8018-700 model shoe is a genuine and authentic Nike product with quality-labeled all over it. It comes packed in the genuine Nike’s manufacturer’s box that in itself is quite satisfactory.
They are extremely comfortable and highly preferred by men into tennis or any other racquet sports. It is also a highly useful option as a walking shoe. You might have to deal initially with a slightly snug fit. But, this shoe open up and within 3 or 4 hours in the court, your feet will nicely settled down within your Nike Air Zoom tennis shoes.
It is just a matter of finding the best fit that goes with your size. Nike uses universal shoe size and you can comfortably find one that is exactly the size of your feet. Practically, the shoe has the comfort and the grip required in a tennis court. You can try it once and it will become your default choice to be used in tennis courts. You can avail this shoe in a wide variety of color options including, White, Black, University Gold and Volt Glow.

#2, Diadora Original Tennis Budget Shoes

Diadora Original Tennis Budget Shoes
If you are hunting for reasonably priced tennis shoes and not looking to compromise over the quality, then this one from Diadora manufacturer provides the best tennis shoes for a budget. The shoes are made from 100 percent leather and have all the comfort along with style that you want in a top-quality tennis shoe.
The rubber sole is there with a nice and gripping base, so you wouldn’t skid ever in the tennis court. On top of that, the breathable leather lining allows your feet to stay sweat-free all through your training sessions. You can also use them as comfortable walking shoe.
The only known drawback of this shoe is that it is not for people with wide feet. They are quite narrow and people having feet width within a reasonable range could facilitate it. Practical experience with Diadora shoes shows that you must buy half size up in order to get the best fit.
The shoes are available in a range of different colors including blue, Aruba blue, white, black/ white, red/ white and saltire navy/ white colors. Overall it is a satisfactory purchase at an affordable cost, which promises to serve you well in the tennis court for a good long time.

#3, Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire Tennis Shoe for Flat Feet Athletes

Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire Tennis Shoe for Flat Feet Athletes
Tennis athletes with flat feet are blessed to have these Mizuno shoes as an option. They are extremely comfortable and adaptable for men with flat feet. The shoes upper is made from mesh, which is suitable for tennis like activities and protects your feet from getting sweaty inside as the mesh material is known to be breathable.
Then there is rubber sole as well to give you best traction needed in the tennis court. The shoes are engineered with double fan wave that delivers superior support with no stiffness or any extra weight added. Then, there is also the U4icX heel wedge that provides the much needed supplementary cushioning, while your feet lands on the ground.
The novice U4ic compound is also inducted in the midsole in order to give you very durable performance and to be much more responsive as well. The collar of the shoes are also soft and the comfortable heel also provides support to settle down within the shoes having no sort of irritation at all.
The shoes can be availed in a variety of colors of your choice. Remember, wide feet is no more an issue at all.

#4, Orthofeet Tennis Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

Orthofeet Tennis Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis
This pair of shoes is a single solution for all those people having different issues, such as heel pain, foot pain, arthritis, diabetes issues, and most importantly the commonly prevailing plantar fasciitis issue, especially with athletes. Yes, you will be able to play tennis with plantar fasciitis.
Thanks to this amazing pair that provides instant comfort and swift pain relief. All this is possible with the premium level orthopedic grade insoles that are complemented with anatomical arch support as well. The lightweight sole coupled with excessive air cushioning supports like spring to your steps. This is further supported with a wide toe box design with a non-binding upper that completely eliminates any probable pressure on the hammertoes and the bunions.
The comfy pair is also engineered with superior gel padding right under the heel area. The flat and wide footed people could also equally benefit with this wide toe box design shoes. The shoes might take a couple of sessions in the court to get yourself used to with it as they tend to open up after wearing.
But, once they settle down with your feet then every step you take in or out of the tennis court would be extremely comfortable, especially if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis.

#5, Nike Revolution Tennis Shoe for Wide Feet

Nike Revolution Tennis Shoe for Wide Feet
If you are a tennis freak with huge and wide feet, then this Nike Revolution pair is your best bet. This product is a combination of phylon foam and single-layer mesh. The mesh fabric makes it not only sturdy but also breathable to keep your feet sweat-free with better air ventilation all through your tennis playing sessions. The rubber sole is another reason that makes it so much a tennis shoe.
People with wide feet would find it quite accommodating and then the soft foam midsole of the pair provides responsive cushioning with lightweight that the tennis enthusiast desires. Moreover, the optimum rubber outsole delivers excellent traction as well during hyperphysical activities, such as in tennis.
The shaft measurement is 3 inches approx. from the arch, which makes it suitable for people with wide feet, while giving the best support they need. The feature also helps with excellent support to athletes having knee issues. You may also use them as running or walking shoes. The shoes are available in a wide variety of colors. The shoe is called revolutionary because of its soft foam beneath the feet and n-sew overlays. It is perfect in every way, apart from the little room for improvement for the insole.

#6, Nike’s Lite Tennis Shoes for Narrow Feet

Nike’s Lite Tennis Shoes for Narrow Feet

Adaptability and applicability of tennis shoes with your needs is a must to enjoy and advance in the game. The Best tennis shoes for narrow feet must have a narrower toe box to give you a nice fit for your narrow feet.

This pair from Nike with textile and synthetic manufacturing is just that thing you need. The shoe is mainly a combination of mesh and leather upper that enhances stability, comfort and durability, all at the same time. 

The rubber sole gives you a firm grip on a variety of courts. The shoe has a mesh tongue, which promotes breathability. At the outsole side, GDR provides the much needed durable traction for tennis players. On top of that, the midsole with Phylon gives lightweight cushioning. The narrow feet people also benefit from the supplementary layer of an applicable material just in the toe box for getting abrasion resistance.
It is lightweight and does get in its best shape and fit after usage of a couple of days, as shoes tend to open up. If you find this pair suitable as per your needs, then you can avail your best shoe from a large collection in terms of colors and designs.

#7, Asics Gel-Solution Tennis Shoes for Hard Courts

Asics Gel-Solution Tennis Shoes for Hard Courts
You will have your money worth if you choose this epic pair from Asics for hard court tennis play. The q0 percent synthetic and textile manufacturing of the shoes ascertain its durability and comfort over a period of time. The rubber sole is ideally designed to support your feet well over hard tennis courts. The arch support is also provided with shaft measuring Low – Top” approx. from arch. The shoe is also facilitated with forefoot and rearfoot Get Solution system.

This means on hard courts, the pair would attenuate any shock during a probable impact and toe-off phases. It further allows easy movement of feet in multiple planes as your feet maneuvers right through the gait cycle. The toe durability is doubly ensured with the patent PGuard toe protector. The best tennis shoes for hard courts also means to cover other aspects as well.

The proprietary flexion fit upper of the pair gives super comfort, without compromising on feet support. Moreover, as per Asics’ standards and in contrast to their EVA and SpEVA variations, the shoe has an incredibly lightweight midsole. Finally, on hard courts, these tennis shoes would ensure that you have a quicker response and excellent feet movement with comfort.

#8, Tennis Shoes for Grass Courts

Tennis Shoes for Grass Courts
The best tennis shoes for grass courts comes with pimples so that you have the best grip on grassy courts. The subject shoes are a level ahead with applicable shoe base for grass courts and are known as Omni shoes. Such shoes are equally good for both grass and clay courts. They are made from fabric and synthetic material and excel with its synthetic sole as well.
The upper of the shoe is made from leather and textile, which endorses the durability of the pair for such hard sport. Textile collar lining makes feet movement very easy on grass courts with no stress on feet, whatsoever. The pair has CMEVA type of midsole and liner.
For applicability with grass courts, the shoe has a non-marking sole. You will find these shoes perfect in the development phase of your game and also help you with excellent footwork in a grass court. The pair is available in a number of different colors, where you could surely find one of your choices.
As far as sizes are concerned, there is again plenty of range and would suit people with wide feet as its toe box has sufficient amount of room. Don’t go with ‘buy ½ size larger’ tactic. As these shoes will open up slightly after initial use.

#9, Asics Gel Solution Clay Court Tennis Shoes

Asics Gel Solution Clay Court Tennis Shoes
The best tennis shoes for clay courts are right here for grab from Asics, which has all the ingredients to support you with excellent footwork on the subject tennis court. The shoes are made from 100 percent synthetic material and excel with a super applicable rubber sole for clay courts.
The shoe is facilitated with Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAC), which is stuffed at the pivotal areas of the outsole, thus providing super durability. Just like several other trainers from the manufacturer, it also offers PGuard toe protection.
The forefoot and rearfoot cushioning system are ensured to counter any probable shock due to an impact. The pair offers flexion fit with a proprietary upper that doesn’t compromise on feet support. On top of that truss tic feature is also there, which helps in reducing the overall weight of the sole while keeping the structural integrity of the pair totally intact. The shoe also provides arch support, which makes it suitable for people with flat feet or having any other type of feet issue or perhaps, recovery from feet injury.
Lastly, the pair provides great traction to tennis players on any clay court. The pair is available in dapper-looking white/ silver color.

Things to consider when buying the best tennis shoes for women

Not every sneaker is a tennis sneaker. We can wear any kind of shoes but professional and athletes prefer to have specialized shoes for particular games.
Tennis shoes are use don a wide range o court styles so they must be well-made to keep a good grip on the court ground.
Further, you can see many other things that make a shoe better for use during tennis tournament or games.
Following are some of the things you must consider:


Look for the perfect fit that suits your feet. You may see if you need shoes for supinated gait, pronated or Ideal gait cycle.

Style and comfort

Women prefer style. So if shoes are trendy and come ina perfect shape and style, women must go for it.

Durability and maintenance

Due to regular and severe pressure and usage of tennis shoes, they must be very durable. The seams and overlays must be intact and sturdy enough resist continuous pressure.

Court floor grip

The kind o court you are going to play on matters a lot. For wooden or slippery court ground you need higher level of grip. Whereas in clay and grass filled grounds you may need more balanced shape of the shoe.

Inside comfort zone

Enough padded areas and arch support along with the heel cradling zone are few of the comfort zones that you must explore. Sometimes you may have to use shoe inserts or remove the removable soles in case of the shoe offers.


 What to look for when shopping for the best tennis shoes for women?

  • Toe boxes should be wide enough to allow your toes to spread out.
  • Tennis shoes should give you good traction on different surfaces.
  • Shoes should fit well and should provide traction.

How often should you replace your tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes start degrading after about 6-8 hours of playing. If you play tennis for an average of 3 hours per day, then you should change your shoes every 4-6 weeks. If you play tennis really hard (for example, you play for 2 hours), then you should change your sneakers every 1-2 weeks.
Tennis shoes should be worn by the players who play on the hard courts. Players who play on the clay courts need to wear different types of tennis shoes.

What Makes Shoes Better for Tennis?

Tennis shoes are designed to help you move around without slipping or falling. They protect your feet and give you stability while moving laterally. They also offer more toe protection and cushioned comfort.

After reviewing all the details and reviews about the best tennis shoes for women, we can conclude that tennis shoes play an important role in determining the comfort and success level of tennis players.

Properly made and easy to wear shoes are always an advantage. Now our readers can simply pinpoint the shoe as per their customer’s needs. And our effort in finding the best tennis shoes with different suitability options will surely benefit you as well.
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