10 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2022

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

So as a beginner, you are excited to get your hands swinging dirty on the court and you’re looking for the best tennis racquets for beginners … You do need to get yourself that suitable racquet which should make learning the ropes of the game easier, smoother and enjoyable, and of course help you understand the skill, form, and techniques of the sport.

Without further ado, let’s get you rolling on the 10 best beginner tennis racquets that will prepare you to take charge of your game and pop up your tennis experience.

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners Review

1, Babolat Drive Max 110

Babolat Drive Max 110

The Bablolat Drive Max 110 is a great tennis racket for beginners with a combination of great technology, control, speed, and extra power on your shots on the court. Being a new update to the Overdrive 110, It is one racquet that is of high quality and affordable which is what most people don’t expect from a big brand such as Babolat.

The racquet has a 27.5 inches extra length which will give you a strong swing each time you hit the ball. It offers a more powerful and forgiving over-sized head at 110 square inches which allows freer space for ball landing, enhances sweet spot, and increases the margin of error.

It comes equipped with Babolat’s Cortex Comfort Technology located just above the top of the racquet’s handle which helps create more feel and dampens all vibrations. The racket is powered by Elliptic Geometry, a feature that helps prevent excess twisting of the racket and makes it 20% sturdier in the frame than many traditional frames.


  • Great power and speed
  • Better control of shots
  • Frame stability and comfort
  • Larger sweet spot and great spin
  • Lightweight and fast swing
  • Cortex Comfort Technology for a good feel


  • High stiffness which is not so good for beginners
  • Less string quality

CONCLUSION: The Babolat Drive Max 110, one of the best beginner tennis racquets is full of speed, maneuverability, good feel, power, and control on the court. It provides excellent power from all areas of the court, especially on serve.

2. Head Ti S6

Head Ti S6

The Head Ti S6 is a racquet that offers players durability, large sweet spot, impressive power, balance, and lightweight and was one of the best-selling racquets of 2018. It is designed especially for beginners with short and compact strokes. The racquet which is fully equipped with more power than its predecessor, the Ti S5, boasts a nice blend of power with an open string pattern that delivers on great spin on the court. The impressive power it offers as well as its larger sweet spot is aided by its large 115 sq. Inches head size. The Head Ti S6 comes with a Graphite/Tiitanium construction that makes the overall frame light in terms of weight so beginners can generate faster swings on the court, and just beside the speed lies the racquet’s great maneuverability.

Head infused the racquet with the SofTac Grip and Shockstop features that reduce vibration when the racquet is in contact with the balls.


  • Great power, control, and balance
  • Extra length for more reach
  • Ultra-lightweight and topspin
  • Larger sweet spot
  • SofTac and ShockStop for reducing vibration
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Poor quality strings

CONCLUSION: Beginners have got a good thing going for them with the Head Ti S6. The only downside is the racquet’s poor string quality which could strain your elbows due to its frequent vibration. The best way out of this is to restring it for the most amazing experience on the court.

3. Prince Textreme Tour 100T

Prince Textreme Tour 100T

The Textreme Tour 100T is easy to swing the racquet and easier to generate that great power for aggressive players. It is endowed with speed and maneuverability.

The frame is sturdy enough to give you strong shots combined with its 16 x 18 open string pattern and with comes power and spin generation on groundstrokes.

Its mid-plus 100 square inch head provides a generous sweet spot that makes it easier to get decent, firm contact on volleys.

Textreme technology’s carbon fibers create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. This results in unparalleled stability and plow-through on impact offering additional power and control to your shots on the court.


  • Great power and superb feel
  • Spin friendly, maneuverability and control
  • Lightweight with a fast swing speed
  • Arm friendly and great stability
  • Comes with a protective head case
  • Dampening tech for shock absorption


  • Nothing we could disagree on

CONCLUSION: The Tour 100T is definitely perfect for beginner tennis players who would like to have a racquet that offers spin, speed, great feel, accuracy and is pretty arm friendly. It is fast on service delivery and returns and aims to never disappoint on the court.

4. Wilson Blade BLX 104

Wilson Blade BLX 104

The Wilson Blade BLX 104 is a great racquet for hard-hitting players who like to have good control, power, and comfort. Its durable frame material lets you effortlessly produce medium to fast swings and its 27.5 inches still gives large room for maneuverability. Added is its 104 square inches mid-plus-sized head offers you a bigger sweet spot and power to get aggressive on the court. The Wilson Blade BLX 104’s firm braided graphite and basalt material equips it with top strength and durability. It will offer you easy access to power generation on serves and returning serves with as much aggression maneuvering your way through spins and more ball accuracy with its open string pattern. It provides a supreme feel with its Amplifeel handle tech which boosts its general touch is offered by the basalt fiber (BLX) technology which aids in reducing all the shocks, vibrations, and stress on the arm.


  • Extra power and great spin
  • Improved control and ball accuracy
  • Large sweet spot and maneuverability
  • Amplifeel tech for supreme feel
  • Dampening system for shock reduction


  • Its large head size increases its overall weight.

CONCLUSION: Overall, the Wilson BLX 104 packs a powerful punch and maneuverability on volleys, groundstrokes, and good pace on serves. With more court games, players can get used to its overall weight

5. HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Lite

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Countervail

The Head Graphene 360 Speed Lite is a good fit for tennis players looking to up their play in the speed and spin department of the game. It is very lightweight with a medium to fast swing speed and reasonable power.

The racquet has got great speed conferred on the racquet by its weight and maneuverability. With a 100 sq. inches head size, players get a large sweet spot and a greater error margin on serves. Its 16 x19 string pattern combined with the head design improves the power and control.

The inclusion of the graphene 360 tech provides the Lite with greater stability and pitches the energy distribution of the racquet higher up the chart for higher energy optimization.


  • Good power and large sweet spot
  • Great control and precision
  • Very lightweight and highly maneuverable
  • Arm friendly with high stability
  • Dampening system for vibration absorption
  • Head HydroSob Pro for enhanced feel


  • Not enough power
  • Does not include a racquet cover

CONCLUSION: The Head Graphene Speed Lite is a very user-friendly racquet made for beginners looking for speed and precision while still being able to power up, generate spin and enjoy control on the court.

6. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

Babolat Pure Aero Lite

The Head MicroGel Radical mid-plus is a racquet packed with comfort, stability, maneuverability, mobility, power, and great control. It comes with a 98 sq. inches head size mid plus a design that provides players high stability, power, and control. The addition of the Microgel construction makes the Radical well balanced which makes it easy to maneuver and less likely to drain you as a player, even if you are playing for an extended period. The racquet guarantees great access to all kinds of spin-on shots and at the same time pumping it with ample control to decide where the ball will land. The new Head Microgel Radical comes with Head’s Microgel Technology which combined with carbon graphite in the racquet head increases the ability of the racquet to absorb and distribute vibrations and shocks evenly around the entire racquet frame.


  • Increased control and power
  • Stability and maneuverability
  • Balance and durability
  • MicroGEL for even distribution of shock
  • Head Hydrosob for enhanced feel


  • Has a small sweet spot
  • Low power

CONCLUSION: Beginner players looking for a racquet with a great feel, comfort, and extra control should get the Head microgel Radical. Its only downsides are its small sweet spot and low auto-generated power which it makes up for in control and players will need to put in some weight to get that desired power.

7. Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat pure aero is a fast swinging racquet that has spin for aggressive players. Asides from being exceptionally fast, the Pure Aero has a comfortable feel, maneuverability, and lots of power. Its 16×19 open string pattern allows the racquet balance to generate more spin and utilize power. At its unstrung weight of 270g, the Pure Aero Lite is a good fit for players who dislike heavyweight racquets and its enlarged grommets limit vibrations and add comfort when the racquet comes in contact with the ball. The racquet is equipped with the (Frame String Interaction) FSI Spin technology which gives the racquet better string movement and greater snapback.

The cortex dampening system creates a softer feel at impact as well as its Aeromodular beam which helps to reduce wing drag making it possible for you to slice through the air without feeling any strain on your arm.


  • Blend of power and control
  • Lightweight and fast swing
  • Large sweet spot and easy spin
  • FSI for better string movement
  • Cortex Dampening for a softer feel
  • Aeromodular beam for wing drag reduction


  • Not too great power

CONCLUSION: Ideal for beginners, the combination of the comfort and power affords and the ease with which players can maneuver will make tennis growth easy. Its performance on groundstrokes, volleys, and of course serves are spots where it is not found lacking.

8. Wilson Burn 100 Team

Wilson Burn 100 Team

This racquet is an excellent choice for aggressive players who like to be hard and fast on the ball. The racquet offers quick handling and big power without much fuss and also feels solid on the grip. Its 100 square inch head provides a generous sweet spot and 16×19 open string pattern punches in that topspin. Crafted with FSI Power Technology accompanied with diamond-shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing, the Babolat Pure Drive produces higher power and spin.

The inclusion of the Cortex Pure Feel helps to improve the shock absorption and dampening potential. Another feature is the racquet’s Syntec Pro grip which is a thin and highly responsive grip for a great feel.


  • High power and comfort
  • Grommet/wider string for higher spin
  • Elliptic beam for more stability
  • Cortex Pure Feel for vibration reduction
  • Babolat Syntec pro for better feel


  • Muted response

CONCLUSION: The Babolat Pure Drive is lightweight for easy swinging, has precision, high power, and comfort on the court. A major drawback is a reduction in shock and vibrations which results in the muted response

9. Wilson Burn 100 Team

Wilson Burn 100 Team

The Wilson Burn Team is a budget-friendly racquet that is a classic combination of speed, spin, and power from the Wilson line. Coming at only 10-ounce strung weight, the Burn Team delivers raw speed, terrific pace, and sensational pace. The 100 square inch head delivers enormous power and it’s delicately easy to swing and spin without any brutal strain on the arm. The 16×20 string pattern does a phenomenal job of absorbing the shock from the punches hence making playing easy. It has excellent maneuverability making it possible for players to play very fast with massive precision from any part of the court. With a stiffness of 63 RDC, the racquet is quite flexible, a feature that makes it more arm-friendly. It is equipped with the Wilson high modulus Carbon Fiber Graphite for a firm feel and explosive power as well as the Wilson Cushion Aire which gives players more feel, absorbs moisture, and faster drying.


  • Enormous power and spin
  • Speed and great maneuverability
  • Generous sweet spot and lightweight
  • Arm friendly
  • Carbon Fiber Graphite for a firm feel


  • Doesn’t come with a bag

CONCLUSION: The Burn 100 Team is an excellent racquet choice for players who want to better their game but require a lightweight frame for greater maneuverability, easy access to the incredible power and spin as well as speed and durability.

10. Babolat Boost Strike

Babolat Boost Strike

The racquet has a large head size of 102 sq. inches offers a generous sweet spot and lively feel as well crispiness and accuracy on swings. The Boost strike delivers plenty of power without straining yours thus making it an ideal game improvement racquet. The Boost Strike comes with explosive energy and incredible acceleration credit to the 16×19 string pattern as well as superb spin. The traditional Woofer grommet system of Babolat gives the strike some extra comfort and powerbase for a great ball strike.

It has the Babolat Uptake grip which is an extremely thin grip that provides a natural comfortable feeling on the racquet.


  • Plenty of power and phenomenal spin
  • Large sweet spot and accuracy
  • Maneuverability and stability
  • Woofer grommet for greater control and comfort
  • Babolat Uptake for a natural feel
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t come with cover

CONCLUSION: The Babolat Strike is a great power-packed racquet that allows aggressive shots from the baseline and hits stable powerful serves. Beginners and lower intermediates can utilize the racquet’s sweet spot, forgiveness, control, explosive speed, and shot accuracy to get the best of games on the court.


What’s the Best Tennis Racquet for Female Beginners?

Women love tennis because it’s fun and relaxing. They also enjoy having a lightweight racquet that feels nice and soft when hitting the ball. They want something that hits the ball hard but doesn’t break their wrist. This is why the Wilson K-Zero is perfect for women who want a racquet that won’t break their wrists or cause them pain. It’s lightweight and easy to swing around. It’s also affordable and comes in several colors. Tennis racquets often come in two sizes: Head Size (HS) and String Length (SL). HS refers to how much space there is inside the frame of the racket. SL refers to how long the strings are. A larger HS allows more room for you to swing your arm around, but it makes it harder to string the racquet. A longer SL means that you’ll be hitting farther balls, but it may make it harder to maneuver the racquet.

What’s the Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners to Intermediate?

For people who want a racquet that isn’t too heavy or too light, but provides excellent control and maneuverability, I’d recommend the Clash 100. It’s stable, flexible, and easy to swing. size Head 100 square inches. Weight 11 ounces. Head size 100 square inches, Weight 11 ounces. Head Size: 100 Square inches. Weight: 11 ounces. Head Size 100 Square inches. Weight 11 ounces Head Size: 100 Square Inches. Weight 11 Ounces. Head Size 100 Square Inches.Weight 11 Ounces. The first line of text should be an affiliate link to Amazon.com. The rest of the lines should contain Amazon product images.

What are the common features of beginner tennis rackets?

Lightweight rackets are recommended for beginners. Beginners use light rackets because they are easier to control. Their heads are big enough to absorb the shock of hitting the ball. This allows beginners to learn how to use new muscles.

How long should a racket last and do you have any tips for maintaining it? Should you get a case?

Graphite rackets are strong and durable. Aluminum rackets are naturally very flexible and can bend easily. Players who use aluminum rackets need to care for them properly or else they could crack or break. To best maintain your racket, you should store it in a case or racket bag. This will protect your rackets from bumps and scratches, and keep your grip dry. You should store them away from direct sunlight and keep them near room temperature. This will reduce the tension loss and make the racket play better.


good read and enjoyed digging into these awesome sticks just as we did. The game of tennis is a great game and having the right racquet makes all the difference as it could make or mar your game.

We hope this can help streamline your choices so you can order a great racquet online or know just which you’d like to buy from a tennis racquet store. Refer other beginners or intermediate players in the sport to this article. As long as it makes your game easier and better, we will not miss it.

Hey, if you have any comments, questions, or observations about how to get a good racquet, the game of tennis in general or you want to share your experience with any of the above-mentioned racquets, do drop it in the comment section and we will take it up from there. Have mad fun on the court.

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