Best Tennis Ball Machine

Top 10 Best Tennis Ball Machine – Reviews & Guide 2021

The tennis ball machines have made practicing the game very convenient. You are not dependent on any human resource to enhance your gaming skills. Such machines are available 24/7 to you. This purchases such machines worth your time and money. These sophisticated machines are meant to throw balls at you repetitively, just like an opponent player throwing the same at you in a court. The subject equipment is not just for the novice players but it is for everyone.

Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews
Best Tennis Ball Machine Reviews

Even the professional players with grand slam titles maximize such equipment for their training. If you are convinced and determined to buy one then this guide is the starting point for you. It will provide you with all the information that will go on to ensure the best purchase for you. Furthermore, you can also see some of the best products available in the market which will help you with an instant purchase.

The top 10 tennis ball machines list devised here is not exhaustive but these are certainly the leaders in the tennis domain. They have been used by players of varying skills and has shown exceptional performance while satisfying specific players’ needs.

#1, Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

This is arguably the bestselling tennis ball machine in the world and of course the top pick on our list. It comes with a sufficient ball capacity of 120 balls and suits the needs of both beginner and advanced players. The feeding speed is within the range of 19 to 68 MPH. You can program it with required drills to allow yourself to move from one corner of the court to the other.

 It can be programmed to offer 12 built-in drills that come with six shots in each. You will be mesmerized to experience the mobile app that allows you to maximize all its features with ease. If fast-paced volleys are your thing then the feed frequency of this machine from a minimum of 2 seconds and above will benefit you.


#2, Spinshot Player Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Player is a top brand for tennis ball machines and they offer a variety of products to support varying needs. It is a top choice for all those players who are looking to enhance their game from any aspect. Thanks to the different paces and the oscillation modes that this device has got to offer the players. The mobile app is there to set up the device with utmost ease and perfection. The ball capacity is fairly decent to support 120 balls. The stuff comes with an A/C power option and this allows you to continue practice without any interval or fear of the battery getting drained out. There is also a rechargeable battery option with this one. The speed limit with this equipment is from 19 to 68 MPH.


#3, Spinshot Player Pro Tennis Balls Machine for Entry Level Players

If you are someone looking for a physical workout and not looking for any sort of customized then this s a machine for you. This machine can feed the tennis balls from side to side. This would allow you a superb cardio workout. On top of that, it also has the potential to hit you with some different tennis shots. The oscillation offered through the equipment does not hit the deep and short balls randomly. But, the side to side feeding of the balls could allow you to practice your forehand and backhand well. The intermediate and even advanced players may also use it for their extra practice. It offers an excellent standby battery time. The compact size also makes it easy to move the machine in and around the court with no secondary help. Overall, this machine offers super value for your money and can be trusted for long terms use where customization is not a necessity.


#4, Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

It is a superb choice for a tennis ball machine for beginners to professional players. It might look a little bulky at glance but factually, it is highly portable. There is built-in large size towing wheels to relocate it with ease. Thanks to its useful handle for supporting the task. You will get this machine with the capacity to store 110 balls. The construction is solid and the operations can be performed easily. The controls are easily accessible where you could make use of the knobs and the buttons to control the trajectory and the speed of the ball. It is a risk-free purchase as the manufacturer offers this with 10 months warranty. 


#5, Lobster Sports Elite One Battery Tennis Ball Machine

This 1-battery operated Lobster elite tennis ball machine includes full corner-2-corner and random oscillation. This is a top feature to enhance both your forehand and backhand shots. The device is capable of firing balls at a maximum speed of 80 MPH. it comes out at 60 degrees lobs for the sake of practicing the overhead shots conveniently. You may opt to order this with a premium charger. The benefit of that will be to have the equipment fully charged within a couple of hours. Overall, this machine will offer you the best features to enhance your reaction time and basic shots’ technique.


#6, Lobster Sports Elite Two Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

This Lobster Sports tennis ball 2-battery machine is moderately weighted and with very durable construction. It comes with large size wheels which makes this equipment fairly easy to set up and move around. When the machine is charged fully then you can expect it to serve you anywhere between four to eight hours. You can exploit the excellent built-in features to offer random patterns from both the right and left sides. The shot selection could be deep and short. The oscillating system of the equipment is topnotch. You can expect this machine to hold 150 balls at a time.


#7, Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

This is one of the lightest tennis ball machines with basic to limitedly advanced features. It just weighs 35 pounds on a weighing. The construction is durable and performance like no other. It can hold 150 balls and there will be a ball jamming issue experienced at all. If your program is as required then your playing session will be highly productive. You have the option to take control of the speed and the spin of the ball. You can adjust the speed between 20 to 80 miles and that suits the needs of both beginners and advanced level players. A battery charger is also included with the package.


#8, Playmate Smash Tennis Ball Machine

This is a simple but very effective tennis ball machine. It is a good option for preteen and teenager tennis enthusiasts. The operation of this machine is quite simple and it is very lightweight as well. Even kids with very little effort could maneuver it conveniently around the tennis court. You will get this one with a very exclusive tennis ball delivery system. It comes with a varying selection of intervals, elevations, directions, and trajectories.

The equipment is interchangeable ad upgradable. It has the option to be compatible with all available controllers. It offers variable back and topspin to suit the demands of the players. The height could also be controlled electronically while all its features could be controlled through a user-friendly controller. Overall, it is a very effective, durable, quiet, and highly reliable tennis ball machine for beginners.


#9, AnBt Tennis Ball Lightweight Serving Machine

You have the option to either use it with the built-in battery or just plug it in the socket for continuous tension-free use. This model is powered with 4 x Type D batteries or you plug it in 220V/ 110V electricity socket. The machine could hold 30 balls at a time that allows you to have a reasonably long session with refeeding the equipment. You can adjust the throwing distance of the ball in 4 different levels. The longest distance may reach up to 4 meters. The frequency is rigid to offer a ball after every four seconds. It is a machine suitable for holding all types of tennis balls except the one coming with 7.5 cm diameter.


#10, Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine

This is a unique and highly productive tennis ball machine for rookie players. This box-shaped machine comes with sturdy construction that is dominated by heavy-grade aluminum material. Despite having an aluminum outer shell of heavy grade, it is quite lightweight. The machine offers varying speeds to accommodate different needs at different times. The adjustment could also come with the height and feeding time. Therefore, if you are looking to up your game with time then this will take you levels ahead. The standby battery time of this machine is quite impressive as well. Finally, it is considered one of the finest and affordable options for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions about Tennis Ball Machines

Can I charge the battery externally outside of the main machine unit?

Several manufacturers offer this flexibility so that you could have a backup battery always ready to replace the drained one.

How much top speed I could expect from a tennis ball machine?

You may find advanced tennis ball machines with a maximum ball speed of up to 80 - 85 MPH.

Are the tennis ball machines suitable for all types of balls?

It is highly advised to go with the pressure-less tennis balls in the machines. They are known to last long and also offer more consistent bounce off the court.

What is considered lightweight for a tennis ball machine?

If you are looking for a full-option tennis ball machine then you will be lucky to have one around 35 pounds in weight.

Things to Consider when Buying Tennis Ball Machine

Just like any other machinery, the ball machines also vary considerably from product to product. There are certain factors involved that could influence your decision. Keeping your budget in mind, you need to find the balance between the following features for ensuring the purchase of the most suitable machine.


Durability is dependent upon the construction of the machine. You can expect one to be exposed to airborne mist, debris, and wind. For this purpose, it is pivotal to have equipment that is constructed using top quality plastic, even better, using metal. Whatever the given material the tennis ball machine has, it must be solid and durable. Ensuring this would hold up the stuff well for longer periods. Unfortunately, these machines don’t come with waterproof characteristics.


The tennis ball machines come with various mechanical parts and a battery to operate them. All this adds to the weight of the equipment. In real circumstances of the game, these machines need to be frequently moved on and off the court. This requires you to have one that is highly portable and moving it doesn’t require any secondary help. In this regard, you need to choose a ball machine with fairly large built-in wheels and a solid handle to pull it with ease.


In this regard, you can have two options. You may have a battery charged tennis ball machine or otherwise with A/C power. If convenience is your priority then go with the battery-powered machines for excellent portability as well. The A/C powered equipment is rigid with a constant connection to the power output. But it offers you performance with no need for recharge or worrying about your battery getting drained out.


By capacity, we mean the capacity to hold the tennis balls at a time. You may have machines that come with a capacity to hold 50 to 300 balls at a time. It all depends on your needs and many players find the one with the minimum capacity sufficient as well.

Ball Feeding Interval

The majority of the machines come with flexible options in the feeding interval. The more options you have, the better it will be for you to progress. A few of the basic machines offer fixed intervals like 3, 5, or 10 seconds. But, the best ones allow you to program the interval anywhere between 1 to 60 seconds.

Variety of Shot Selection

A good thing about the tennis balls machine is that they are not rigid like a one-dimensional robot. They are programmed to mimic a real opponent in the court as much as possible. You may get one that offers random or variable shot selection which will keep you guessing all the time that what’s coming next. Apart from that, some of the advanced and highly crucial factors in the flexibility of the tennis ball machine to consider are:

Remote Control

The most advanced tennis ball machines come with a variety of setting to make you more competitive in the game. To make things easier for you in the court against the machine, the remote control can be very handy. It will allow you to quickly change the settings using a remote while staying in your position.


In essence, the tennis ball machines serve you as your opponent on the court. The most advanced machines come with very sophisticated features that could give you the best game practice. You can choose a machine to offer you variation in speed, height, spin, oscillation, and feeding interval of the ball. It is pivotal to get a machine that is sturdy, durably constructed, highly portable, and comes with remote control.

This would make your life easy on and off the court with uncompromising performance. A battery-operated machine is usually better for its convenience. However, you may find A/C powered equipment suitable if you don’t require to move your equipment much. If you carefully evaluate all features mentioned here then you will surely get one of the best machines from our given list of top products.

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