Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees in 2022

Best Running Shoes For Bad Knees

A bad knee is a common problem cutting across athletes at all levels. Although not a major concern for most runners, at advanced levels it is a pretty noxious condition that can greatly impede your overall running capability.

I mean hell breaks loose when you start feeling pain around your knee joint. According to experts, there are various ways to address this particular condition. While professional advice is always the best, most bad knee cases are hardly serious and require you to just change your footwear.

Altogether for most runners, especially armatures; dealing with this menace is and has been a challenge. Fortunately, in this elaborate and comprehensive post, we got your back! After intensive research and consulting with various experts, it is apparent that a good running shoe may be the ultimate antidote to this condition.

Although the current market is generous enough and offers you a limitless supply of options, the problem is that zeroing in on a perfect pair of running shoes for bad knees is not a walk in the park. I mean, there are various things to take into consideration and for an armature, the whole endeavor can be pretty overwhelming. For you to land an ideal option there are various aspects to consider.

These include cushioning, breathability, level of stability, traction, and price. Unfortunately, only a few products are designed with all these attributes to serve you seamlessly and effectively.

Considering that, we have reviewed the top ten best running shoes for bad knees in a bid to help you make an informed decision. Have a look!

#1. Saucony Cohesion 11

Are you after a reliable shoe ideal for all of your running desires? Cohesion 11 is an excellent option! A picture-perfect running shoe for bad knees, Cohesion 11 is a magnificent pair of shoes inclusive of all the qualities needed for athletes with bad knees.

First and foremost, this shoe is remarkably stable and boasts a sleek design, and is constructed with top-quality materials to help you make the most out of your routines.

Complete with edge-cutting technology such as a flexible platform, carbon rubber outsole, and foam cushioning, the Cohesion 11 goes beyond the qualifications of a typical running shoe for bad knees. I mean, for any athlete with bad knees, this pair of shoes is the ultimate jackpot.

The Cohesion 11 comes in with dozens of interesting features and accessories all intended to help you make the most out of your bad knee without any discomforts. These include;

A flexible platform that ensures better control and support; while still guaranteeing enhanced maneuverability. The shoe’s forefront and midsole are constructed from ultra-soft materials (rubber reinforced with IBR) thus presenting lightweight and flexible sneakers which are easy to handle especially for runners with bad knees.

Inclusive of a carbon rubber outsole, Cohesion 11 is a pretty handy running shoe capable of effectively absorbing unexpected shocks. I mean, even when running on rough terrains, this shoe is a perfect match.

On top of that, it features high-density foam cushions complete with molded EVA crucial for improved impact deception when on the track. Generally, the entire shoe is responsive from all angles and feels tremendously comfy and stable.

To sum it up, besides enhanced shock handling capabilities, Cohesion 11’s carbon rubber outsole provides better traction which protects you from falling even when running on slippery surfaces. To ensure maximum durability, the Cohesion 11 boasts a mesh material construction on the upper side.

Exceptionally, stable, durable, safe, responsive, affordable, and loaded with a holistic suspension system, Cohesion 11 is simply, a notable pair of shoes and a great choice for athletes with bad knees.


  • Flexible base platform for maximum control
  • Carbon rubber outsole to ensure maximum traction and stability when running
  • Lightweight construction
  • High-density foam cushions and reinforced midsole to ensure maximum shock absorption and better maneuverability


  • Narrow fit

#2, New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

The New Balance 510V3 is an affordable bad knee shoe engineered to let you train in style run in style and comfort. Its holistic support system is fully optimized to give you a soft landing while still ensuring maximum comfort. 

I mean this ergonomic running shoe is built to efficiently absorb shock and reduce impact around your knees. Complete with dozens of fascinating features and a pocket-friendly price tag, the New Balance 510V3 is one of the best running shoes for bad knees currently in the market.

Generally, the entire package weighs around 12.2 ounces to give you a lightweight design that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routines without complaining about bulkiness.

To protect your ankles from outside elements, the shoe measures around 3 inches from the arch which ensures maximum cover. With that, Balance 510V3 is a multi-purpose running shoe that you can confidently employ during intense field excursions.

In addition to that, this running shoe features an excellent suspension system which includes extra-thick rubbers sole complete with ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole mold to ensure maximum stability, better traction, and improved shock absorption capability. I mean, with polyurethane sock liner and ethyl vinyl acetate midsole, this pair of lightweight shoes will completely absorb impact while running which results in minimum or no pain on your sour knee joints.

Unique Features Offered

  • Extra thick rubber sole reinforced with an EVA midsole to boost shock absorption
  • Durable leather upper construction
  • PU sock liner for improved comfort
  • Three-inch tall shaft to protect your ankles from the elements


  • Anti-slip design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Very stable
  • The flexible upper mesh construction feels very comfy
  • Multi-function shoe
  • The overall structure is handy and durable


  • The base platform is not as flexible and may pose control issues
  • No designs available for ladies

#3. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Built for optimum stability, comfort, and additional support, the Adrenaline GTS 19 is a tremendous footwear ideal for all athletes with bad knees including those with flat and medium arches. 


A lightweight product weighing at around 11 ounces and designed with fascinating features such as DNA cushioning, extra thick rubber outsole, and heavily padded collar and tongue, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a great option for anyone experiencing any knee problems. I mean this lightweight running shoe is an engineering masterpiece professionally designed to precisely focus on a runner’s knees and reduce impact thus giving you a smooth comfortable experience all the time.

Just like any running shoe for bad knees, the Adrenaline GTS 19 comes loaded with dozens of fascinating features which include:

  • It is designed with the BioMoGo DNA cushioning which perfectly adjusts to your feet for custom fit and comfort.
  • Additionally, this shoe comes in the segmented crash pad which offers an even heel-to-toe changeover when running.
  • Boasting of a flat heel the Adrenaline GTS 19 gives you an improved feel of the surface and control thus enabling you to seamlessly surf through with minimal impact. I mean, with this shoe your feet are in perfect unison with the surface you are running on!
  • Built with a gum rubber sole and a synthetic material outer cover, the Adrenaline GTS 19 not only feels flexible but also very comfortable


  • Extra thick rubber outsole and DNA cushioning for improved cushioning
  • A flat heels design keeps your feet in perfect unison with the surface
  • Heavily padded collar and tongue
  • Looks sleek and feels very comfy
  • Fairly priced
  • An ergonomic design


  • Not very durable
  • Advertised size maybe not be true

#4. Hoka One One Gaviota

Hoka is a reputable company that has been consistently produced running shoes for the last ten years. One of their latest additions is the Gaviota which features incredible stability and boasts proper cushioning. Dabbed as the ultimate shoe for people with bad knees, this unique running shoe lives up to its name.

Essentially, the Gaviota from Hoka is arguably one of the softest running shoes in the industry and a great option for athletes experiencing all kinds of knee discomforts including pain. First and foremost, the shoe is constructed with an ergonomic J-Frame technology complete with EVA foam padding and a tough flexible rubber sole to offer maximum stability, comfort, and resilience. With that, the overall product is a picture-perfect running shoe for bad knees. I mean, the Gaviota offers excellent medial support and stability when running which effectively reduces the impact on your knee joint.

In the culmination of it all, Gaviota’s J-Frame is aesthetically appealing and feels ultra-comfortable. Weighing around 10.5 ounces and costing less than 100 dollars on amazon, Gaviota is a lightweight and affordable option for anyone with bad knees.


  • Properly cushioned
  • Lightweight design offers a smooth gait
  • Remarkably stable
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for rocky surfaces

#5. Asics Fortitude 8

If you are looking for a reliable running shoe for bad knees that will not offset your budget, Fortitude would be one of the best options to consider. Boasting an orthotic design that autocorrects the angle of your knee joint and develops a regular walking pattern, this shoe is your ultimate arsenal in combating a paining knee.

More interestingly, Asics Fortitude is one of a handful that focuses on the overall health of your legs. Designed with a wide toe box, this running shoe is ample enough such that there is enough room for your foot to perfectly fit without getting squished. 

With that, Fortitude 8 is a great option for particular heavyset or tall people.

Even so, loaded with an effective gel cushioning system this shoe greatly excels at reducing shock especially during the propulsion and impact phase. Combining all these attributes, Fortitude 8 is the ultimate option for athletes with bad knees. Lastly, the product comes in with a flexible upper mesh construction that allows conforms to your feet geometry thus guaranteeing optimal stability and control when running.


  • Perforated upper mesh construction to allow air circulation
  • Gel cushioning system for improved control and stability
  • Unisex design
  • Orthotic capabilities
  • Wide toe box to accommodate individuals with bigger feet


  • Its wide base is not ideal for people with narrow feet
  • It May feel heavy to some athletes

#6. Salomon Speedcross 4

Although slightly dissimilar from the other products in this list in terms of appearance and design, because of its advanced capabilities, the Salomon Speedcross 4 has passed our checklist and become one of the best running shoes anyone with bad knees should consider.

An idealist for field excursions, this rugged-looking shoe allows you to cut through natural trails with remarkable ease.

First and foremost, it comprises a durable heavy-duty upper construction complete with deep trends to provide a steady aggressive grip especially when running on treacherous terrains. Coupled with a heavily cushioned midsole, the Salomon Speedcross 4 fits like a glove while still ensuring maximum support.

Boasting of a quick lace function, wearing and removing these shoes is very easy. I mean, with just one pull, the laces are firmly tightened! Besides that, this feature ensures maximum safety while hiking as it greatly suppresses any possibilities of slipping out.

Just like its predecessors, the Salomon Speedcross 4 includes a holistic suspension system that comprises aspects like Contragrip rubber sole that helps absorbs impact when running while still ensuring maximum traction. Additionally, the shoe’s water-resistant upholstery is a great bonus especially when trailing in murky conditions or during rainy weather.


  • Offers a firm grip
  • Quicklace feature
  • Durable water-resistant upholstery
  • Looks stylish and hardy


  • If tightened too much, loosening up the laces may prove difficult

#7. Wave Rider 20

If you are something that offers a mix of results and innovativeness, you will be impressed by the Wave Rider 20. Produced by Mizuno Company, this incredible running shoe for bad knees captures all aspects in regards to stability, comfort, and durability. 

A lightweight model weighing close to 10 ounces and designed with a flexible thick rubber sole, the Wave Rider 20 is a perfect option for any runner with bad knees. I mean, with a well-cushioned sole, this shoe not only guarantees to inhibit joint pains but also protects your legs from other impact-related conditions.

Loaded with high-density foam padding, ultra-soft rubber, and perforated upper construction this model feels exceptionally comfy and dry always. Generally, the shoe is well-balanced, very flexible, and features a lightweight stylish design.


  • Lightweight
  • Hell stride absorption capability
  • Perforated upper unit for easy breathing
  • Extra thick ultra-soft rubber sole for maximum impact absorption


  • Not an idealist for running on rough terrains
  • Not recommended for people with big feet

#8. Puma Faas 600 V3

Predominantly built for men, the Puma Faas 600 V3 is a superiorly constructed running shoe for a bad knee that features a multicolor design complete with an air mesh weave upper construction crucial for optimum breathability. 

While this gives you a cool dry experience, its lockdown technology perfectly supports and wraps your midfoot ultimately providing maximum flexibility and control while on the run.

With a heavy-duty synthetic material largely used to make the shoes outer cover and an ergonomically appealing textile covering the inner section, Puma Faas 600 V3 is not only a reliable pair but also a sleek comfortable one perfect for runners with bad knees.

 To ensure minimal impact while running the boot comes in with extra thick gum rubber outsoles and a dual-density midsole. Complete with lateral release grooves, decoupled heels (measuring just only 2mm), and flex grooves, the Puma Faas 600 V3 is one of the best running shoes for bad knees. I mean, besides maintaining gait efficiency, this incredible running shoe offers a smooth heel-to-toe transition ultimately reducing the impact on your knee.

Weighing around 9 ounces and going for less than 80 dollars, the Puma Faas 600 v3 is a lightweight design and an affordable option for you.


  • Lightweight design
  • Offers great shock absorption capabilities
  • Comfortable
  • Provides maximum breathability
  • Fairly priced


  • Predominantly Ideal for men but also offers ladies versions

#9. Adidas Men’s UltraBoost Parley

Adidas is a big company with a global reputation and without capturing the Adidas UltraBoost in our top 10 best running shoes for bad knees list it would be a great insult for the entire athletes’ community. I mean, this pair is a game-changer for anyone with bad knees. It is packed with dozens of impressive features all intended to minimize impact when running.

Essentially, UltraBoost is an aesthetically impressive shoe that performs as well as it appears. First and foremost, it features a comprehensive cushioning system that includes a spongy outsole that ensures minimum impact when trailing on rough surfaces.

With a lightweight design and arch support crucial for forwarding maneuverability this unique shoe allows you to effortlessly push yourself and reach your maximum potential without much strain on your knee. Arguably one of the most distinctive features in this boot, the arch support is vital for generating a steady ride between the heel and forefoot which then ensures better surface adjustment when running. Ultimately this promotes proper foot flexing which produces a comfy stable experience.

Although comparatively expensive, with a lightweight sleek design and offering maximum comfort, the Adidas UltraBoost is surely a good value for your money. I mean, with this well-cushioned running shoe, you will virtually be walking on air!


  • Changeable insole for easy cleaning
  • Fashionable design
  • Support heel ensures maximum foot control
  • A flexible rubber sole for maximum stability


  • Limited color selection

#10. Wave Inspire 13

Last on our list is the Wave Inspire 13! Flexible and lightweight, this exceptional running shoe is meticulously engineered to softly support your feet and provide a comfortable ride.

 A picture-perfect stability shoe, the Wave Inspire 13’s heavy-duty foam cushion, and lightweight design offer just the right amount of support while still ensuring maximum convenience. I mean, this pair feels springy and comfortable all the time.

Although last on this list, it is with no doubt that the Wave Inspire 13 is a superior option. It features dozens of incredible features which include;

  • An extra thick cushion layer for improved impact absorption when running
  • A double thick fan wave to ensure optimal support
  • The upper section is constructed from a special air mesh fabric crucial for better flexibility and durability
  • Top midsole design fully integrated with U4ic compounds guarantees a durable and responsive running shoe
  • Wedged U4icX heel offers maximum cushion when landing
  • The ultra-soft collar provides a comfortable heel fit free of irritation
  • A wave plate side profile construction to capture maximum stability while still discouraging pronation

Essentially, the Wave Inspire 13 weighs 9 ounces, looks sleek, feels comfortable, and above all comes at an affordable price. Boasting comprehensive cushioning, it is arguably one of the best running shoes for people with bad knees.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable upper mesh construction
  • Ample tongue pads
  • Comfy fit
  • Improved support even for mild pronators


  • Bulkier than its previous version
  • Lacks reflective features

Factors to Look for in a Running Shoe for Bad Knees

Ultimately, the choice of your running shoe boils down to your needs and penchants. Even so, by answering a few critical queries you place yourself in a better position of picking the right product. For example, what kind of surface are you going to run on? The size of your legs, what category of runners do you fall in? How severe is your knee problem for and lastly how much are you willing to spend? Fortunately, this guide is elaborate and comprehensive enough to help you correctly answer all of these questions.

Support and stability

A bad knee is a common problem among most athletes and virtually anyone is acceptable to this condition. Sometimes, bad knees develop as a result of improper imbalance when running. Majorly, this problem is subject to the support offered by the footwear you are using.

Typically a good pair of running shoes should provide maximum support. Additionally, the pair should be stable enough such that all your joints operate in the right positions in each stride you take. However, determining the stability of a shoe can be a challenging endeavor even for experts.

Luckily, there is an ingenious trick you can always count on to zero in on a perfect pair. By establishing the level of your old sneakers, you can easily determine if the new ones should be a little higher or lower.


Running is no child’s play and if you want maximum performance, it is imperative to make sure that the shoes you are running on feel at ease with your feet more so if you have knee problems. To choose a comfortable shoe, there are several factors to consider. Even so, the most important aspect to have in mind is the shoe’s cushioning system.

Largely, this depends on the terrain you are running on and your overall weight. For instant, if you are a heavy runner, a good running shoe should have a thick rubber sole capable of absorbing and efficiently dissipating massive impacts. Lastly, the shoe should neither be too tight nor too loose. I mean, it should be a perfect fit!


If you have a bad knee you would like a shoe that gives you maximum grip even when running on slippery surfaces. While this also helps improve stability an anti-slip option will also minimize chances of falling and injuring your already sore knee.

In the current market, there are hundreds of running shoes with false advertisements. And if you are the naive type, chances are that you will land yourself a pair that may end up further hurting your joint. To make a good selection, consider running shoes designed with rubber outsoles complete with multi-directional treads.

Specific knee condition

Generally, bad knees can be caused by various factors. However, according to experts, the main cause of this condition is foot stability and support which is expressed in 3 different ways. These include

  • Over-Pronation
  • Foot Supination
  • Neutral-foot Runner

Other Essential Factors to Consider

  • Breathability
  • Fit and Durability


Why do I have knee pain when I run?

There are many reasons why people experience knee pain while running. A recent injury can make it difficult to recover. Pain from not being injured can come from an imbalanced gait, or from a lack of support in the shoe. Running causes constant shock to the body, and this can lead to damage to the knee joint. Switching to shoes that provide tons of cushion and support can help alleviate knee pain.

Does overpronation cause knee pain?

Pronation is when your feet roll inward upon landing. Overpronators tend to land on the balls of their feet first and roll their arches inward. This causes the muscles around the ankle joint to tighten and pull on the ligaments. Shin splints, hip pain, and back tension can occur as a result. Stability running shoes that provide a stable platform and strong arch support could help prevent these injuries. Motion control running shoes may also help prevent this problem by keeping your feet from rolling too much inward.

How can I jog with bad knees?

Running is great for health but if you have bad knees, you should avoid it. Your running shoes must be supportive and cushioned. You need to know what type of shoe works best for your foot shape and running style.

When should I replace my running shoes?

Shoes wear out over time. After covering 400 miles in your shoes you should consider buying new ones. When you see a change in how your shoes feel, it might be time to buy new ones.

Final Take

By now you must already be having a detailed picture of what exactly you are looking for. Even so, revisiting the features, cons, and pros of each of these running shoes doesn’t hurt as it is a great avenue to ensure you got it right. After all, what logic does it make in spending hundreds of dollars on a shoe that will not live up to your needs?

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