Top 9 Best Outdoor Solar Lights 2021 – Pick the Right for Your Parts

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

The outdoor solar lights are beautiful and also an affordable solution for lighting different areas around the house especially if you just moved into one and then decide to give your new home, garden, backyard, and patio life whenever the sun goes down. 

Solar lights use the energy of the sunlight to produce light thereby, saving you more money on the charges rate of your power bill. It is also possible that you might want to make the balcony of your apartment or probably that special place you spent most of your life enjoying the comfort of the environment a bit dramatic and lively whenever the sun is down.

This device can give light at night basically because of the sunlight is absorbed by the photovoltaic cell on the panel which then charges the batteries that illuminate the night. Naturally, the outdoor solar light needs to absorb the sun rays for about seven to eight hours during the day to fully charge the rechargeable batteries.

Now, the new LED technology gives a super bright light without heat, unlike the old filament bulb which gives lesser light and more heat. It is quite fun and also simultaneously tasking when trying to get the right solar light to illuminate anywhere you have got in mind.

Here you get to read and grasp the merits of understanding the benefits and also the drawbacks of outdoor solar lights discussed below.

The plow and hearth solar lights is an easy to install and a fast unit to assemble effortlessly plus the solar light is not just designed to be a bit huge for no reason but to allow the solar panel to charge its rechargeable batteries faster which might as well take up to eight good hours for it to be properly and well charged. 

This particular device uses one of the best new technologies that allow it to switch itself on when it is dusky and for this, it is otherwise known as the Dusk Auto-on option and still comes with the well-used conventional on and off switch.

Furthermore, it is believed to be one of the brightest lights producing the device because of its fifty lumens output with six LEDs that are bright white and enables it to offer even more maximum brightness.

Plow and hearth solar light are intentionally built and engineered to be very durable through a powder-coated heavy duty aluminum with stainless steel materials. The lens of the lamps also helps to reflect more light. The solar lights are well made and designed to be elegant and attractive, for a sensational welcome and view.

#2. URPOWER Adjustable Solar Spotlight

Solar powered path light brightens up everywhere when the night begins to settle in. It lightens up instantly when it is dusk thereby, lighten the deck or dock, driveway, pathway and those that are majorly not in the way during daylight. 

The UR power solar light is one of the most advanced technologies that help create high-tech landscaping which is beautiful with the In-ground light. In the day time, this unit absorbs solar energy which charges its lithium ion batteries with the time duration of four to five hours charging time for it to be fully charged. This complete wireless hardware light up the vicinity for about six to nine hours with a high light and dim light mode to choose from.

Each light of this device that illuminates does this through the four LEDs present in it and also at the same time it works amazingly independently. It is absolutely weather resistant, this means it can be left outside all through the year without worrying if any weather would affect it. It can also be adjusted up to about 270 degrees either up or down making it the best outdoor light for security purposes as it could be set and fix to the most preferred angle but it needs two full sunny days to be fully charged if you are using it for the very first time.

#3. Enchanted Space Solar Light

This solar outdoor light is made from a metal bronze specifically designed and engineered to last for a very long time. Therefore, making it the perfect outdoor light for automatic trouble-free LED lighting for the various driveway, gardens, walkways, patio, and anywhere outside your house. 


The rubbed-bronze LED solar-powered lights are made from real metals and designed specifically to be used outdoor. Snow or rain does not disturb this device, which means it is created to be weather resistant and it can stay outside all through its lifetime. It features unique white LEDs for beautiful and glamorous looking light.

This wireless and easy to install (just by pegging it to the ground and you can soften the ground with water if needed) outdoor light comes in six for each package which contains an AA200mAh Ni-Mh battery that is rechargeable.

Each of these lights illuminates a square foot area of 4FT by 4FT and it does come with the conventional on and off switch for proper storage and battery protection. These lights automatically switch on at dusk with its durable lightweight plastic glass giving it an adorable star-shaped light pattern.

#4. LITOM Bright Path Garden Lighting

The Litom solar light can function both as a spotlight and path light device depending on how you install or mount it, it is great for general outdoor use because when motion is sensed at night the bright light activates and then turns off in about 20 seconds when no motion is detected. 

Its solar panel which is located at the top of the light charges the rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V and 900mAh batteries completely for about six to eight hours during the day and then automatically switches itself off when the dusk set in thereby providing about 12 good hours of light at night.

In addition to this, the Litom bright path garden light is a weatherproof solar light that detects or senses motion from twenty-six feet away and beams in a radius of about 180 degrees which makes it one of the best security outdoor lights. Although its eight LED lights offer a very bright light it has longevity issues which means it does not last long when compared to others.

#5. LITOM Solar Outdoor String Lights

This particular light is a solar string type with a very long wire that is about 72 feet containing exactly two hundred LED lights. It is a perfect decorative accent great for wrapping decks, trees, or decorating and lighting your garden with eight different modes for a beautiful low dusky glow. Though it is not designed for spotlight lighting or pathway lighting as a result of its dim glow unlike other outdoor solar lights made for that specific purpose the truth has been told, this string light still light up the area where it’s been installed and can also serve as an additional light to where it is place.

The Litom solar string light comes in different colors which are cool white, warm white, and LED bulbs with various colors, it is a waterproof and generally weather-resistant light with a solar cell that can be charged with sunlight shining indirectly on it and separately from the lights. Its main drawback is that it is not very bright and may stop working after some months (but replaceable with warranty). 

#6. Westinghouse Kenbury Solar Outdoor Garden Lights

This is a long-lasting durable solar light that is designed with a stainless steel material and well furnished with an adorable chocolate brown color, its glass lens is also protected with a ribbed plastic cage from all environmental factors. 

It utilizes LED bulbs which are the latest lighting technology that outlast the conventional bulbs ten times longer. Two LED bulbs with white lights offer cool lighting at dusk while the complementing changing colored LED bulb provides a touch of beauty to wherever it has been installed. This particular unit requires no tool or wiring for any installation processes all it requires is for you to soften the ground and carefully peg the stake to the ground.

The Westinghouse Brown Kenbury Solar Outdoor Garden Pathway LED Stake Lights comes with six stakes of solar light in a pack and each stake with a dimension of 15 inches by 6 inches by 6 inches and also with an automated switch feature that turns the light on at night and off in the day. The amorphous panel allows it to absorb light in the day which recharges its 400mAh batteries.

#7. Sunforce 82080-80-LED Solar Motion Light

The Sunforce 82080 80-LED light is a solar motion type with a very long wire that is about 4.5 meters which means this motion light can be placed or mounted anywhere. It is a full weather-resistant device and can be installed outdoor throughout its lifespan. 

In addition to this, the Sunforce can also function as a spotlight and even better as a path light. The solar panel is an amorphous type that does not need direct sun rays but with a long wire that makes its installation possible in any preferred location where sun rays are abundant and can ultimately recharge its batteries with ease.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best-suited security motion solar lights available in the market because its 80 LED bulb, 900-lumen output, and motion detection distance are up to 30 feet while its degrees of range detection is as wide as 180 degrees. The duration of the light can be adjusted to whatever range of seconds you want when it detects motion but its major minus is that the motion sensors get faulty easily. 

#8. GDEALER Solar Outdoor String Lights

The DEALER Solar Outdoor Lights is a solar string type and an eco-friendly product that can convert a high rate of energy easily, it automatically lights up at dusk and when the daylight is above 15lux, it automatically turns off. Its distance from the solar panel to the LED bulb is up to 150 centimeters and is a perfect decorative accent for trees, 

ceilings, Christmas trees, or building ads. The solar panel under sunlight charges the string light during the day for about 12 hours for the first time for it to be fully charged and 8 to 10 hours on subsequent time depending on the sunlight intensity, season, and panels’ location.

When installing this string light, try not to force the solar panel to the ground with a hammer or twist it because failure to install it in the right way or follow the right procedure will damage the light. Therefore it is advisable to soften and loosen the soil with water in case the soil is hard or tightly compacted together and then, gently insert it into the soil. There are two control switches, the first is the mode control switch while the second switch is for power (on/off). 

#9. InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights

The InnoGear Upgraded Solar Lights is longer than the old version thereby making it very easy to insert it deeper into the soil and more weather resistant with this upgrade. Additionally, this newer version lumen has been upgraded from 80 lumens to 200 lumens and it is simply achieved just by increasing the solar panel size and battery capacity to 2200mAh. The solar panel can be adjusted to the preferred angle to achieve the perfect sun rays and a great light angle can be obtained just by adjusting the light to the perfect spot.

Moreover, the solar light has an auto on when it’s dusk and auto-off when the sun rises with a two-level working mode, the high light mode which provides light for about 4 to 6 hours while the low light mode last much longer with time ranging from 8 to 12 hours and its charging time is about 8 hours. The switch mode needs to be set before it can be used. This solar light is very sensitive to light and it will never power on in an illuminated place.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights

The following are the merits of outdoor solar lights:

  • Increases Safety – the outdoor solar light requires no electrical connection to a grid, it’s safer and easy to install. When there is a power outage, the outdoor light automatically lights up thereby reducing the chances of accidents, reduces the risk of burglar attack, prevent theft and vandalism deters theft or vandalism from nearby businesses. If there are children around your home, it is a safer option as it requires no electrical wire.
  • Lower Operating Cost – One of the greatest merits of outdoor solar lights is they are quite cost-efficient and pocket-friendly. Be assured to have a significant decrease in electricity bill as the outdoor solar lights use the sunlight to charge its batteries during the day and provide enough power to light up your outdoor environment at night. Lastly, you need not worry about the cost of installation as you can easily install it yourself.
  • Easy to Maintain – The outdoor solar lights are very easy to maintain. These lights automatically recharge itself during the day and immediately start work when the night sets in. Furthermore, the non-usage of electrical wire greatly minimizes the need for maintenance. Generally, the outdoor solar lights are designed to be weather resistant therefore, it needs no constant monitoring even in bad weather.
  • No Insect Swarming – It attracts no winged insects that usually swarm around the old conventional bulbs because the outdoor solar lights use the latest bulb technology which is the LED. The LED produces no infrared light which is the cause of attraction all manner of flying insects swarming around the light.
  • Fast Installation – Trenching of power lines to pole, running of wires on the pole, connecting wires to the electrical grid. All these procedures of installation are not needed when installing outdoor solar lights. It can be installed just by following the simple instructions on the users’ guide as it needs no professional for installation. 

Drawbacks of Outdoor Solar Lights

The outdoor solar lights are with great advantages, likewise are there some disadvantages that can’t be ignored. 

  • Easily Stolen – The probability of it being stolen is very high because the value of an outdoor solar light is higher than the normal street lights and they are generally wireless gadgets so, stealing it will be very easy and won’t take much time.
  • Poor Sunlight Absorption – Dust, snow, and moisture do accumulate mostly on panels with horizontal PV. This tends to reduce or maybe stop energy absorption by the panel. This is majorly how extreme weather conditions damage and shorten the life span of all outdoor solar lights.
  • High Cost of Maintenance – Generally, outdoor solar lights are usually with fragile parts that can become faulty anytime. Faulty parts like the panel, the LED, glass, wires, and batteries can be hard to replace and even expensive. The rechargeable batteries as an example must be replaced when it gets exhausted likewise other parts because they all have a different lifespan.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

If you have finally decided to get the outdoor solar lights that suit you and you need to erase all form of doubt and confusion on how you are going to choose the best outdoor solar light. Here are few questions that will give answers to what you ought to look out for.

For What Purpose is the Light Needed?

Is it pathway, spotlights function you need the light for? Or do you want it to serve both the interest of your security and landscape purposes? All you have to do is to streamline your multiple choices and want down to a specific need. Then choosing the best comes with ease.

Do You Need Year-round Lighting?

Not all outdoor solar lights are built to be weather resistant and usable all through the seasons of the year. The price of an outdoor solar light should not be the major deciding factor while choosing a light just make sure you go through it features and specifications because some light with the ability to charge fast with indirect sunlight is best for cloudy regions, longer winter and regions with short daylight duration.

Where are You Placing the Solar Lights?

Make sure you look for a place where maximum sunlight can be gotten for your solar panel and if the power cord has longer lengths the panel can be mounted anywhere the sunlight is abundant. Though some lights might come with a stake or mounting choices, while some are just directly placed where they can get more bright effects.

What is the Intensity of Your Sunlight?

Your geographical location or area may be usually shady, so it’s best to get products that can charge when there is low light. Yes, there are solar panels with high quality that charges effortlessly in cloudy days and shady areas but best charges generally, is a function of light intensity received during the day. Though there are enough types of this solar light in the market and are quite expensive, it is necessary you know the terrain of your location in advance.


It is generally considered an easy task when picking the best outdoor solar light that meets all requirements but truthfully, that is not the case there are so many things that need to be considered especially if you are a first-timer. But the solar outdoor can be magnificent when you get the right light for the right purpose and are placed at the right spot. Anyway, we hope all the information you have been able to acquire and hopefully assimilate will help you choose the best outdoor solar light that will give your walkway, pathway, patio, and garden a beautiful, secure, and well-lightened heavenly welcome. 

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