Top 5 Best Crossbows Under $500 – Top Picks for 2022

Best Crossbow Under $500 – Top Picks for 2021

Choosing the best crossbow under $500 is one of the best moments to familiarize yourself with the latest technologies and materials. Since many of the modern crossbows are getting both sturdier and lighter, you can always benefit from a good product that is easy to use and which requires less effort to use. Also, check out the best crossbow scope for the price.

There are many crossbows that promise top speeds and even the options which are made for beginners manage to offer impressive results from this perspective. On the other hand, you also need to realize that not all the solutions on the market are truly made for the top speeds as the crossbows can be tested in ideal situations which are hard to replicate in real-world situations. However, you can still get close to the 380 feet per second mark with the right solutions. Learn more about the best crossbow bolts arrows.

We’ll also look at some of the best crossbow broadheads available on the Fly zest.

Choosing the best crossbow is not only about the speed it generates. It is also important to consider its usability as well. For example, some crossbows even come with a self-retracting rope cocking which is perfect when it comes to reducing the draw weight by as much as 50%. This significantly improves your experience. So what do you need to consider? Learn more about the best crossbow for under 400 dollars.

Speed of the Best Crossbow Under $500

The speed of the crossbow is essential. It creates the foundation for great results and it offers the experience you need, regardless of your purpose. Since not all users are able to tell the real differences in terms of speed, it is always worth considering the options you have when it comes to improved performance.
Generally speaking, this segment comes with speeds between 320 and 380 feet per second. In some instances, it will not be recommended to use this characteristic as a solution to define your choice. But it is always worth seeing how your preferred crossbows compare to their alternatives in terms of speed.
One thing many manufacturers don’t mention is that the top speed is something to strive for and not a constant speed you can achieve. This is why the ever-changing variables are worth considering, especially when you have the possibility to simply consider better arrows, better weather, or even improved technique. These variables play a vital role when it comes to speed. It is thus important to know what to look for with a crossbow and speed can be essential, especially if you are looking to fine-tune your results.

Cocking Mechanism

The cocking mechanism can come with different technologies. Some of the proven technologies represent the safer choice. At the same time, a solution that helps your draw can be indicated for a better overall experience. This is why a technology that comes with a modern draw can even help you reduce the needed weight. Of course, this can depend on each manufacturer, but you can still expect up to 50% draw weight reduction in some instances. It means that you are then able to maximize your results with an improved experience.


When it comes to long-term use, all of the above characteristics can feel absurd if the crossbow is too heavy. This category is dominated by options that are made around the 7lbs mark. The lighter crossbows are much easier to handle and they can offer the support and performance you need for improved handling. While women’s options are also lighter, it is important to note that the best solutions are even easier to handle since power without practicality doesn’t lead to good long-term solutions.

#1. Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow offers impressive speed and can thus be used by advanced users. With a maximum speed of 380 feet per second, it manages to offer a responsive solution which can be a great attribute to the dedicated hunter. With a draw weight of 160lbs and an overall, weight of 6.4lbs, the crossbow manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to a lightweight design, perfect for handling even from a treestand.

With a practical design and lightweight construction, the crossbow manages to offer a tempting solution for the experienced user. While the durability of the quick arrow disconnect can be improved, its speed and practicality recommend it for any type of situation. With a weight of just 6.4lbs, you can have more freedom to move and to hold good aim for longer. At the same time, the narrow design is perfect for improved handling even if you are just starting out.


  • 380 feet per second maximum speed
  • Lightweight design
  • 160lbs draw weight


  • Quick arrow disconnect can be improved

#2. Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package

The Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package offers all the accessories you need to get started. Even more, it manages to impress with its simplicity and this can recommend it among the top solutions for any user. The pack contains the Wicked Ridge G4 crossbow, a 3X Multi-Line scope, the ACU 52 cocking mechanism, and even 3 arrows made with 400-grain Carbon.

The pack is one of the great solutions for users who simply want to start with everything they need. It offers great overall results and it manages to offer the Carbon arrows which are great for weight and precision. Even more, with the choice between the ACU and the ACU 52 draws, the pack manages to impress with its versatility which can be recommended if you need an all-in-one solution.


  • All-in-one pack
  • 400 grain Carbon arrows
  • 6 lbs crossbow weight


  • Not for all users


#3. Killer Instinct MACHINE (Bone Collector Edition)

The Killer Instinct MACHINE (Bone Collector Edition) represents a recommended solution when it comes to speed. It even comes with some great accessories which means it is a recommended option when it comes to a versatile approach. With a KI Lumix scope, 3 bolts, a quiver, and deadening suppressors, it manages to offer a complete approach for all users. Even more, the crossbow is capable to generate speeds of up to 380 feet per second.

The crossbow manages to offer good overall performance, even if the package aims to help beginners get started. Even more, it manages to offer a simple experience that offers results comparable to some of the most expensive options on the market. Thus, with a top speed of 380 feet per second, it manages to create one of the best solutions when it comes to tackling any target.


  • Starter pack
  • 5lbs weight
  • 380 feet per second speed


  • Made for beginners 

#4. Carbon Express Covert SLS 4X32 Crossbow Package

The Carbon Express Covert SLS 4X32 Crossbow Package is a good solution to get started with any type of target. It offers carbon-infused limbs and even premium strings and cables. With a top speed of 355 feet per second, it is not the fastest crossbow but it is still close to the market average in its category. It is more likely to be seen as a started solution than a crossbow which is made to maximize the skills of advanced users.

The starter pack can be a good solution if you need to practice and improve your skills. While it is not the fastest option, it still manages to offer good responsiveness and this is why you need to consider it when it comes to a complete solution which may even be a great first purchase.


  • Starter pack
  • Carbon limbs
  • Premium string cables


  • 355ft per second maximum speed

#5. Excalibur 1108708 E95922 Matrix Grz 2 Crossbow Package

The Excalibur 1108708 E95922 Matrix Grz 2 Crossbow Package is a great starter solution. The crossbow is not the fastest option but it offers the lightest design on the market. It is based on the 5.5lbs weight which makes it the lightest recommendation. Even more, it is easy to handle. However, its lower speed may not recommend it for all users.

If you are looking for an affordable started pack, you can enjoy the simplicity of the crossbow. However, it is not the fastest solution and this can limit its use to larger subjects. Thus, you can even see it as a solution for beginners but its top speed of 305 feet per second is not enough for most advanced users.


  • All-in-one solution
  • 5lbs weight
  • 25in overall length


  • 305ft per second top speed

Conclusion & What is the Best Crossbow Under $500

Choosing the best crossbow under 500 is not as easy as you may expect, especially since not all the solutions at hand are worthy to be used in the long term. This means that you need to see the benefit the crossbow brings for the future as well. This is why a heavier or a slower design might not be the best solution. 

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro Crossbow is the best option for most users. It offers the future-proof design you need and this is why it can be seen as a recommended option for all users. Even more, its top speed of 380 feet per second makes it a good solution for any type of subject.

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