Top 5 Best Crossbow Scopes Under $100 – Reviews & Guides 2022

Best Crossbow Scope Under $100

The best crossbow scope under $100 always represents a solution that is easy to work with and which provides superior and durable optics. There are some great solutions to consider which come with quality optics and with all the durability and coating you need. Also, check out what is the best crossbow scope

The best scopes use impressive optics but they also do a good job when it comes to protecting the optics against fog, shocks, or moisture. There are some great solutions that incorporate all these characteristics and it is worth considering what you need to keep in mind when making the right choice.

One of the best methods to decide on the best scope is to simply look at a few basic characteristics which can be an indication of its quality and durability. This includes the covered distance, the coating, the sealing, and the weight. Learn more about the best crossbow scope under 200 dollars.

Covered distance

The covered distance of the scope is a good indication of what your hunting experience will look like. Practically, you can enjoy a better overall experience with the right magnification. It is typical to see a scope that easily covers 50-60 yards as most of the solutions you find in this range will cover similar distances. While you can even find different types of distance coverage scopes, most beginners are simply advised to purchase a scope that covers distances within average parameters. Learn more about the best crossbow for women.


The coating or the treatment of the lens plays an important role in a comfortable viewing experience. Many lenses actually limit the amount of light that gets through to about 90%. At the same time, a good coating can improve your visibility in low light situations such as early in the morning or late in the evening.
The coating also plays an important role when it comes to the quality of the details in the corners or with darker areas. It can also protect the lens from surface scratches, thus, the search for improved coating is always a strategy for many manufacturers.


The sealing of the crossbow scope also plays an important role as it represents the main differentiator of construction quality. You can also note that some of the best scopes come with impressive sealing and even a construction which makes them practically indestructible. The great news is that you have the ability to work with optics that can be used in different types of weather and even in low temperatures. Thus, you have the ability to choose a solution that is easy to use and which allows you some room for maneuverability in difficult situations. The sealing also plays an important role in the long-term capabilities of the scope as it can protect the optics from dust and moisture.


The weight of the scope can have a role when paired with the crossbow. Ideally, the scope would be lightweight for better maneuverability and less pressure on your hands with your hunting equipment. But at the same time, it still needs to come with a solid tube to properly protect the optics against all types of problems. Most options you find in this category will gravitate around the 10oz mark which means they are not too heavy and that they will not represent a big problem with most crossbows on the market. But what are the main options and what are their main strengths?

#1. Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA Crossbow Riflescope

The Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA Crossbow Riflescope comes with shotgun accuracy of up to 200 yards. The scope is made to a high standard with one of the most resistant tubes in its category. This allows for great sealing as well as the scope is protected against moisture, dust, and even shocks. With easy-to-make adjustments, the scope can be easily operated with a fingertip to adjust for wind or elevation.

The scope manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to everyday use. It comes with solid construction and is one of the best characteristics when you consider accuracy. With good results within the 60 yards mark and impressive accuracy up to 200 yards, it can represent a great solution for many types of crossbows. It also stands out when it comes to construction quality as well, making it one of the most durable solutions in this category.


  • Durable tube
  • Accuracy within 200 yards
  • Shock resistant


  • Needs more reticles

#2. Hawke 3X32 MAP Crossbow Scope

The Hawke 3X32 MAP Crossbow Scope represents a practical solution for many hunters. It comes with a long eye relief which allows it to quickly come up to the eye. Even more, it is easy to operate with a fingertip. With aim points from 20 to 60 yards, it also represents one of the top solutions when it comes to a modern scope that offers you good adjustability. It also comes with a weight of just 9.8oz, making it one of the manageable solutions in terms of your overall equipment weight for long hunting sessions.

The scope thus manages to offer one of the best solutions when you consider the needs of the modern hunter. Even more, it represents a solid foundation for those who want to ensure better overall results with improved aim within the 60 yards mark. Even more, its reduced weight means that you can enjoy better overall results with lower pressure and with long eye relief, this could be the winning combination for some hunters.


  • Aim points from 20 to 60 yards
  • 8oz weight
  • 4/102 eye relief


  • Scope covers can be improved

#3. Arrow Precision 4 X 32 Multi Range Illuminated Crossbow Scope

The Arrow Precision 4 X 32 Multi Range Illuminated Crossbow Scope comes with red and green illumination which can give you brighter images in certain situations. With low light instances, it manages to offer a dependable solution with its adjustable brightness. With separate controls for elevation and wind, it comes with all the adjustments you need which can be easily made with a fingertip.

The scope represents one of the recommended solutions with distances of up to 60 yards. It is easy to maneuver with its separate fingertip control and it can represent a good solution if you need easy control. With adjustable brightness, it will show its true potential early in the morning or late in the evening.


  • Red and green illumination
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Separate controls for wind and elevation


  • Needs improved calibration at 60 yards

#4. UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope

The UTG 4X32 1″ Crossbow Scope represents a practical solution as it comes with side wheel illumination. With parallax up to 50 yards, it can be a great solution for shorter distances. Even more, the scope comes with the Broadband lens coating which makes it easier to handle for most long-term goals.

The scope thus represents a practical solution that is easy to use with its illumination, Even more, it manages to offer one of the top solutions when it comes to accuracy. If you plan to use it for years to come, it can also be the durable option you look for as it comes with solid construction and a flip-up lens cover design for good protection.


  • Accuracy within 50 yards
  • Illuminated side wheel
  • Flip-open lens cap


  • The distance can be improved

#5. Barnett Cross Scope w/Rings 4X32mm Multi-Ret 17060

The Barnett Cross Scope w/Rings 4X32mm Multi-Ret 17060 comes with solid construction. As one of the best 4X magnification solutions on the market, it comes with water-resistant construction. Even more, its shock-proof design recommends it for all types of situations, especially when it comes to traveling. With multi-reticle adjustments and compatibility with full-size crossbows, it represents a dependable solution for many hunters.

The scope manages to impress with its overall quality but its main strength lies in its durability which is hard to match. If you manage to get the use right, you can also enjoy a lifetime warranty. If you need a solution that can be used in rain and which resists well with mild shocks, it can represent a top solution for many types of full-size crossbows.


  • 4X magnification
  • Water and shock-resistant
  • Multi-reticle adjustments


  • Limited lifetime warranty


What is the Top Crossbow Scope Under 100 Dollars?

The best crossbow scope under 100 dollars should be made of high-quality materials which provide excellent optical performance and durability. A good scope should protect the optics from fog, shock, and moisture. The best scopes include impressive optics, but also offer a lot of durabilities.

What distance should you sight in a crossbow?

You need to adjust your scope if the wind changes. You should use a horizontal line/dot to verify your adjustment before firing. Once you’ve made sure your scope is adjusted properly, you must fire your crossbow until you’re consistently hitting the bullseyes.

Are expensive scopes worth it?

Crossbows are expensive weapons, and you should always buy the best quality you can afford. Optics are important, and if you want to hunt, you’ll need them. Windproof and waterproof optics are great, and you shouldn’t use anything else. Even though you might save money by buying cheaper optics, you’ll regret it later.

How Much Magnification Do You Need?

Crossbows require high amounts of magnification to shoot accurately. You should use them when your target is close enough to you. Your crossbow needs to be set up properly before firing an arrow.

Magnification is important when you’re using a scope. You want to use a high magnification range because you’ll need to see the smallest details of the object you’re aiming at. However, if you’re looking at something really close to you, then you may experience some distortion. To avoid this, you should choose a scope that offers a low magnification range.

Why do I need a scope on a crossbow?

A crossbow is a weapon made out of wood or metal with an arrow attached to it. There are different types of crossbows depending on how they work. Some use springs to propel the arrow, while others use compressed air. Crossbows usually have a long-range because they shoot arrows.

What types of crossbow scopes are available?

A red dot scope is a simple weapon. It doesn’t have any magnification or other features. Pointing the red laser at the target helps you aim better because you know exactly what your shot will do. Ballistic-calibrated scopes predict the flight and drop of bullets.

What is the maximum range of a crossbow?

A crossbow is an ancient weapon used by medieval people. Crossbows were first invented in China around 1000 AD. Crossbows use a bow and a trigger mechanism to fire bolts. The bolts are usually made out of metal or wood, but some are made out of stone. There are different types of crossbows. Some of them are single shot while others are multi-shot. Single-shot crossbows are easier to operate than multi-shot crossbows. Crossbows are also more accurate than other bows because they have a longer barrel.

Conclusion & What is the Best Crossbow Scope Under $100

Choosing the best crossbow is often the right way to go when it comes to long-term plans. Since there are so many great designs, you might also feel tempted to consider many of them for your plans. But for most users, the Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA Crossbow Riflescope represents the best solution.

Made with an impressive coating, it allows a light transmission of 91 percent. The lens is thus well protected and offers good brightness as well. With a durable tube construction, the scope comes with easy adjustability as well. With fingertip adjustments for wind and elevation, it represents a comfortable solution that can be a great solution for quick and easy maneuverability. It also resists well in different weather conditions and this places it as the best solution for the users who want impressive results within the 60 to 200 yards range.

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