Top 5 Best 18 Foot Ladder Tree Stands – Reviews & Guides 2022

Best 18 Foot Ladder Tree Stand – Top Rated Picks for Hunting 2021

The best 18-foot ladder stand is an impressive solution for added visibility and even improved camouflage. The ladder stand represents a simple and practical solution when it comes to better visibility and improved comfort out in the wilderness.

Many products come with a different approach when it comes to design and even comfort. You can find single or double ladder stands and even a combination of various seat styles and materials. This means that you can maximize your results simply by improving your position in the wild.

Do you know what the best tree stands are? Read on to discover the top 9 best tree stands available today.

But how do you even choose the best ladder stand? When it comes to making an informed decision, it is always worth considering the solutions you have with some of the alternatives on the market. Not all stands offer the same comfort or the same space and this is why you need to know where to begin your quest for the ultimate ladder stand. Although the technology behind these stands is quite simple, they all differ in approach and results. For example, they offer different capacities, small and large foot platforms, different seats and even shooting rails to support your weapon of choice.


The capacity of the stand aims to cover the needs of different users. From the single to the double design, ladder stands can represent a great solution for many types of users who want the solid platform it offers which cannot be compared from this perspective with other types of solutions such as the climbing stand.

It is also important to make a plan and decide the type of stand you need when it comes to good functionality. This is why it is important to note that some stands come with support for a single user while others offer a complex approach for up to two users. 

Of course, the weight of the stands and the weight capacity are very different for these two types of designs. Even more, it is also important to note that you might need some help to get the stand into position as the double user options come with weights of up to 100 lbs. The good news is that once in position, they can offer a solid platform for many types of situations.

Foot platform

The foot platform plays a simple role. It comes with a minimalistic design but at the same time, it is important to note that they offer plenty of space in certain situations. For example, fixed seats often come with smaller platforms while foldable seats offer you larger foot platforms which are perfect when it comes to standing.

In some cases, the foot platform also comes with a deadening design. It ensures you don’t get any metal on metal areas which are usually responsible for considerable noise. 

Thus, a smart platform design can play an important role in the overall capacity of the stand to improve your camouflage. If you are unsure about the type of platform you need, it is always indicated to look for a larger solution that can ensure you get enough space to sit or stand comfortably.


One of the differentiating designs comes with the seat. It is important to note that the seat has one of the most important roles when it comes to added comfort and even functionality. As it represents the main contact point with the stand, it is important to look for a solution that can hold you comfortably but which will also last well in time. This is where durable mesh solutions are often adopted by manufacturers.

Even more, some seats come with alternative materials which usually protect the inside padding from rain. These comfortable solutions can often mean that you can experience the comfort that was typically associated with home seats.

Shooting rail design

One of the important characteristics of modern ladder stands comes with the shooting rail. Some stands don’t offer any rail at all and they can get credit for adding no complicated designs to the stand. Other solutions come with foldable shooting rails which can even be padded to improve noise reduction when you place your weapon against it. A good shooting rail usually involves a maneuverable design and a padded finish which improves your camouflage. Of course, there are many great designs between these two extremes and it is always worth seeing what you can find with your preferred solution.

The best ladder stands often come with a durable design. This is because most users don’t upgrade their stands if not needed. You thus need to see your choice as a long-term solution since the simple and efficient stand designs mean that you will use it for years to come. 

With many great solutions on the market, you are now in the position when you can choose to hunt from a great height which ensures good visibility and which also places an important emphasis on safety, stability, and durability. Choosing the best option often involves comparing the main characteristics of the top designs. 

#1. Millennium Treestands L200 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand

The Millennium Treestands L200 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand comes with an impressive capacity. It can hold two users with a combined weight of up to 500lbs. Even more, it manages to offer one of the dedicated solutions when it comes to a large design with a breathable seat which comes with a backrest as well. With one long shooting rail, it also represents a great solution when it comes to covering different angles by both hunters.

If you need a solution for you and your hunting partner, the stand can be a great choice as it manages to cover the needs of many users. With a breathable seat, it is also quick to dry and this means that you can use it to its full potential even after the rain. The foot platform is small and is not ideal when it comes to standing. However, it does come with the added footrest which can be used by both users as well. With a weight of 92lbs, it is not as light as its single-user alternative but it comes with great potential in terms of weight capacity.


  • Weight capacity of up to 500lbs
  • 18 feet height
  • Padded shooting rail


  • 92lbs weight

#2. Summit Treestands Solo Pro Ladder Stand

The Summit Treestands Solo Pro Ladder Stand represents one of the recommended solutions when it comes to outdoor use. It comes with a distinct camo look to improve your low-profile approach. However, the stand is also a good choice when it comes to comfort. This is ensured with its large seat which even comes with a backrest that is built directly into the frame. Even more, it manages to provide one of the largest foot platforms which makes it a good choice for bow use as well.

If you need a comfortable solution that places an important emphasis on the standing room, it can be a great solution. The stand also comes with a shooting rail but it lacks proper armrests. However, the comfortable seat offers one of the largest backrests in its class and this is why it can be considered, especially when it comes to long hunting sessions. With a height of 18 feet, it also offers great visibility for many environments.


  • Distinct camo finish
  • Large foot platform
  • 300lbs weight capacity


  • 6lbs weight

#3. Hawk 18′ Radar 1-Man Ladder Stand

The Hawk 18′ Radar 1-Man Ladder Stand is a distinct solution, especially as it comes with its oversized foot platform. It is thus recommended for a large number of weapons and it can be seen as one of the interesting solutions when it comes to this height. It has a certain appeal that cannot be matched but you need to notice that it doesn’t offer a shooting rail as it can be primarily targeted towards compound bows.

The stand is quite heavy at 86lbs, being very close to the two-user solutions. But this is due to the oversized platform which allows the hunter to maximize the standing space making it a great solution for bow hunting. At the same time, it can be used for any type of weapon as long as you don’t mind the lack of a shooting rail. With a comfortable and large seat, it represents a solution to consider for years to come.


  • Oversized foot platform
  • Comfortable seat
  • 300lbs weight capacity


  • No shooting rail


#4. Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand

The Guide Gear 18′ Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand represents a comfortable solution for single users. It is dominated by a large seat with one of the largest backrests on the market. 

Even more, it manages to offer impressive overall results which make it hard to match when it comes to the comfort of your back and your feet. With a full-size foot platform, it can be a great solution for many types of users. Even more, you will also have an extra safety measure which can be found in the shooting rail.

The ladder stand represents a good solution if you value back support. At 18 feet above the ground, it offers great back support as well. Even more, it can be considered when it comes to working with a large-foot platform. As you may expect, it also offers a foldable footrest which makes it a comfortable solution that allows you to maintain your sitting position for longer.


  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Full-size foot platform
  • Shooting rail


  • Needs better instructions

#5. Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand 18′ 2-Man

The Rivers Edge RE649 2-Man Ladder Stand 18′ 2-Man is a minimalistic solution that can be used for durability. Built for two users, it allows you to focus your attention on hunting and with a safe position at 18 feet above the ground, you and your partner will have the improved visibility you need. The stand lacks back support so you will need to consider this design characteristic when making your purchase.

If you are a fan of hunting with a partner, the stand can represent one of the interesting solutions, especially since it comes with its 500lbs weight capacity which is at the same level as the best options on the market. Even more, the stand comes with a shooting rail which means that you will be safer and even in a better position when it comes to accuracy improvement.


  • 18 feet height
  • Shooting rail
  • 500lbs weight capacity


  • No back support

Conclusion & What is the Best 18′ Ladder Stand

The best 18-foot ladder tree stand represents a top solution when it comes to the needs of modern users. Even more, the stand needs to follow the rules of the game in terms of safety and comfort. This is why you see more and more designs that are made to perfection and which can be used for years to come.

Generally speaking, the Millennium Treestands L200 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand is the best solution. With its simple and practical design, it manages to offer one of the best solutions when it comes to a modern approach. Its breathable seat can be used during all seasons and with good feet support, the two users are in a better position when it comes to long hunting sessions.

The stand has a minimalistic design which means it is also easy to use. Even more, its fully padded shooting rail allows you to improve accuracy with any shooting angle. The best news is that it does this with no added noise which means that you can maintain your camouflage as well. With durable steel construction, the stand can handle weights of up to 500lbs. 

Together with the Safe Link safety line and the adjustable tree brace strap, it manages to offer a safe solution that ensures stability even for two users at the same time.

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